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We make high quality replicas and create detailed models to order. We can carefuly mould and cast an original specimen in your preferred material, or create a model from scratch. We produce 3D pieces for museums, galleries, film sets, television companies and for a variety of other commercial uses. Clients have included the Natural History Museum, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Channel4, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service, Wall2Wall TV, and the Dinosaur Isle Museum.

Below is a small selection of some of our recent projects:

Neanderthal Skeleton: This is a full life-size model of a Neanderthal skeleton, produced for The Natural History Museum, London. Used in the recent Wall-to-Wall “Neanderthals” programme shown on Channel4 in December 2000 this is believed to be the first full Neanderthal skeleton model anywhere in the world. The realistically painted semi-articulating skeleton is made of epoxy resins. All known significant characteristics of Neanderthal skeletons are in evidence including correct limb proportions, the different skull size and shape, broader articulating surfaces on the limbs, and the enlarged terminal phalanges of the hands and feet. It was constructed to be supported from above by a fine wire so that the limbs could be placed in the desired positions for filming.

This skeleton is featured in the book of the series (Neanderthal, by Douglas Palmer (Channel 4 Books 2000, ISBN 0752272144)) with photographs on pages 14, 62, 69, 72 and 99.

Dinosaurs: We worked on various model dinosaur skeletons for the dinosaur exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London, which opened in 1992. Including these mounted skeletons and skulls – some show work in progress.

Hypsilophodon foxii: Epoxy resin skeleton replica of this small English dinosaur, mounted internally with steel and glass fibre rod to enable a dynamic running pose.

A model we made of the famous Burgess Shale fossil 'Hallucigenia' for the Oxford Museum of Natural History:

Skull and lower jaw of a juvenile iguanadon. A complex seven-piece mould was made for the rear of the skull, and the rest of the skull was made up from four other moulds taken from the original, delicate, fossils. Also the ilium, femur, tibia, fibula and tarsals of one of the rear legs.

Ichthyosaur: Made for a museum in Norway, this thee-foot long colourful ichthyosaur was made by taking a mould from an existing model at The Natural History Museum, London, casting it in acrylic resin, and painting it to required specifications.

Eugene Sandow: This is a life-size free-standing polyester resin and glass fibre model of the famous Victorian body-builder made for an American Museum.

Pathologically deformed bones from a C19th workhouse: A full set of lower leg bones of an unfortunate individual who had both his legs broken very badly in an accident. He survived long enough for the bones to re-knit, though badly offset, and the bones of the right leg developed an infection bad enough to produce massive deformities. A mould was taken with high definition, high stretch-to-tear-ratio, silicone rubber and the cast was made of acrylic Jesmonite resin, painted with acrylic paints. These were made with protruding bolts on the rear side of the casts to allow them to be attached vertically in a display case.

Venus figures These two figures, sculpted in clay, are copies of the famous Willendorf Venus and Lespugue Venus. We have produced them in several sizes, to order.

Laetoli footprints: A well-known fossil from Laetoli, Tanzania (East Africa), this cast was made with polyester resin and fibreglass and painted to match the original specimen.
For replicas of the Laetoli trackway, please contact:

Homo heidelbergensis skull: Produced in bronze, mounted on a mahogany plaque, with flashing LED eyes! Ordered as a 50th birthday present for a well-known anthropologist.

Two seals cast from 3,000 year-old rings of ancient Egyptians. Both only 15mm across, and a 30mm-high faince figure cast from an original three thousand year-old limestone mould. For Norwich Castle Museum's new Egyptian Gallery.

Gibbet body casket: A life-size metal body casket made of riveted flat iron distressed and painted to look rusty. For the gibbet in the Keep of Castle Museum, Norwich.

Modelling-in a large fossil fish: This mounted fossil fish from Bedford Museum was brought to us for conservation work, cosmetic restortaion and modelling-in of the missing areas. Pictures show the cracks that needed filliing, and the areas that were modelled-in and painted.

Elephant bones: Casts of several fossil bones of the 650,000 year-old “West Runton Elephant”. Produced for Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service specifically for research being undertaken by a veterinary pathologist. Most of these highly detailed casts were left white, rather than painted, to highlight tiny pathological details picked up by the high-definition silicone rubber we use in our moulding process.

This beautifull fossil ichthyosaur skeleton, collected from Eastern Europe over a hundred years ago, is nearly six foot long and is almost 100% complete. It has recently been cleaned and conserved by professional conservators at for a private collector.

The owners of this unusually complete ichthyosaur skeleton are kindly allowing us to offer a small number of high-quality painted casts for sale. Please email if you are interested in buying a full-sized replica and require a list of prices (we can produce it framed/unframed/painted/unpainted etc and can deliver or post it to you, or you can collect).

Information about our company:
We are a small group of designers, modelmakers and artists ready to take on your challenge. Some of us trained for years in the Palaeontology Department of the Natural History Museum, London, in a variety of conservation, replication and modelmaking techniques. Therefore much of our work has dealt with moulding, casting and painting important, fragile, and often irreplaceable archaeological and palaeontological material. Over the last 18 years we have also reproduced statues, body parts and architectural details and have made scientific and biological models, in a wide variety of materials, for national and local museums’ exhibitions, television programmes and teaching.

We also clean and conserve natural history and archaeological specimens, specialising in geology and palaeontology in particular. We can also advise on preventive conservation issues for museum collections and prepare fossil material for research and display. Please do visit our other site if you would like to know more about these services.

     We are respected for our professional approach - in particular for the meticulous attention we pay to detail. We continuously liase with our client throughout each project, to ensure satisfaction. We will be happy to supply you with the names of previous satisfied customers if you require proof of our professionalism.

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We are members of SPNHC, NatSCA, and ICON.

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